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About this Blog

I feel that a lot of literature and philosophy on animal rights is primarily aimed at non-vegetarians, with the intention of persuading them to give up meat. That’s fine and all, but becoming vegetarian (or even vegan) is not an end-all be-all to the learning journey. Animal rights is a very complex issue. Unfortunately, we get so caught up in the debate with non-vegetarians that most of us don’t get a chance to go further than that. We’re stuck repeating the same old arguments that they will never listen to, and listening to the same old rebuttals that they never get tired of using. When I read Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation, written in 1975, I was impressed by how modern all the arguments seemed. It’s says good things about the book, but it also says bad things about our body of vegetarian knowledge and philosophy: we’ve been intellectually stunted for the past 40 years.

thinkingvegetarian.wordpress.com is a blog for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, or anyone with an interest in animal rights. That’s my target audience. The assumption I am making is that you already care about animals, enough to believe that our present consumption of animal flesh is cruel and completely unjustified. If you’re still not convinced of that, then you’re wasting your time here. You won’t find what I say helpful.

So, instead of distracting myself with the general animal rights debate, I’m using this as an opportunity to delve even further. Even if you’re vegetarian/vegan, you’ll find that there’s still plenty of things to disagree about, and plenty of controversial issues. It’s a good idea to try to downplay our differences in front of non-vegetarians, but here I encourage them to be fully spelt out. You most likely won’t agree with everything I say, but that’s alright.

This blog will also have a heavy emphasis on philosophy. I like to take existing philosophical theories about humans and give them an animal rights spin, to see what happens when we begin to give considerations to both humans and animals.

I’m open to discussing almost anything, and if there are any issues that you want me to explore, do drop me an email!

Otherwise, I hope this blog will contribute towards making your vegetarianism/veganism more meaningful.


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